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Need Quicker Handpiece Service While Reducing Repair Costs?

If your practice is located in Denver, northern or northeast Colorado, or southeastern Wyoming, I will pickup and return your handpieces with prompt, personal service! 

With local service, you don't have to cut through a mountain of red tape for warranty repairs. If your highspeed handpiece fails before our warranty expires, you are covered! We give you a full 180 day warranty for standard highspeed repairs, overhaul repairs with new turbines and all slowspeed repairs.  Generally, full replacement turbines are not needed, unless the pushbutton handpiece fails to hold a bur.

Just give me a call toll free (855) 339-8969, provide make and model information, then I will come pick up your handpiece, complete the repair and get your handpiece back in your hands quickly!

If your practice is located in the Denver, northeast or northern Colorado areas, we will pickup and deliver to your office with fast 24 - 48 hour turnaround time on highspeeds and normally 2 - 3 days on the slowspeeds*

Is your practice outside the Denver, or northern Colorado region?  Give me a call toll free at (855) 339-8969 or e-mail the repair request information to info@ppointdental.com when you need repairs.  You can ship your handpieces right away by printing this pre-paid shipping return label and affixing it to a padded envelope or box.  A service request form is available here for your convenience. 
Call or send me an email to request a postage paid shipping box.

I'm here to service your handpieces and take care of the problem with professional service; whether or not they are still covered under warranty.  When you call Pinpoint Dental Equipment Service, you'll get fast response and timely follow-up.

We know Getting you up and running by providing prompt, courteous service, and returning phone calls quickly will lead you to keep us in mind first when trouble arises the next time.

If unusual circumstances beyond a normal overhaul are discovered after I have inspected your handpiece, I will call you to advise.  No additional charges will be added or extra service performed without your authorization.

* Some handpiece services may take longer Depending on the situation and parts availability, but we will always call you right away and advise you if this is the case and give you the estimated time frame for repair completion. 
All highspeed handpiece repairs include new bearings, o-rings and gaskets.  Other parts, if needed, are replaced at no additional charge


No matter if you are a new customer or existing customer....We will respond quickly for new service requests or warranty repairs!  We want to earn your repeat business by providing you with great service!


All parts replaced for your handpiece are top quality and will meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications


Pinpoint Dental Equipment Service is a RITech certified repair service center.


We want to earn and keep your business with quick response and timely follow-up for your handpiece repair needs - both for new repairs or warranty service if required.  Give us a call today!
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For first time new customers:
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